How to Stay Safe as a Gamer using an Antivirus and a VPN

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Worried that your favorite coffee shop’s Wi-Fi will compromise your laptop’s data? Do you suspect someone could be snooping on your smartphone? A good antivirus with malware-blocking features can help keep you secure. With the addition of a virtual private network, you can safely use any Wi-Fi on your smart devices.

A good antivirus detects and blocks malware from affecting your smart gadgets. They also neutralize threats introduced by external devices installed on your laptop.

VPNs offer a different kind of protection. They use data encryption techniques to hide your Internet traffic from the public. They also hide your IP address so that it becomes difficult to track you. Find out how to use these tools enhance the security of most smart devices in your home or office.

Always Scan External Devices

Flash drives, memory cards, and external hard drives are all virus carriers. It doesn’t matter if they are new or old. They could hold viruses with the potential to damage your laptop. Before you install any of them on your PC, always take a quick scan.

Many antiviruses scan external devices automatically. But sometimes you have to enable the feature in the settings section. Besides external devices, also learn to scan downloaded files and programs before using them.

Use Updated Browsers and Operating Systems

Before you even think about using a VPN, ensure you have updated browsers and Operating Systems. Most viruses originate from websites that can’t be detected by old browsers. The latest Google Chrome browser, for example, detects and warns you about unsafe websites. The older versions don’t have the feature.

The same applies to Operating Systems. Most Windows OSs launched prior to Windows 8 don’t have adequate security features. Cyber attackers are well versed with their vulnerabilities and easily attack gamers who still use the versions.

Using a new browser on an old OS is also not a good idea. The old OS can’t handle the more complicated modern browsers and will often affect your gaming experience. The new browsers are also not likely to run efficiently, risking a vulnerability on your device.

Always have your VPN on While Gaming

The benefits of gaming with your VPN are numerous and rewarding. Starting with security, a VPN gives you a new IP address. No one can snoop on your PC because your real IP address is never broadcast over the Internet.

If you have an ISP provider that throttles your Internet speed while gaming, that problem is solved. One problem though, VPNs tend to lower your Internet speed. You must have a great VPN that keeps your gaming speed high while also protecting you from your ISP provider.

PrivateVPN is one of the best providers for gamers. With speeds above 50Mbps while gaming, you stay protected and game with no buffering throughout. Security is guaranteed by military-grade protection while their coverage spans all major continents. They also offer a 30-day trial period.

Stay away from Suspicious Game Torrent Sites

Gamers love torrent sites. You can get gaming files that are made available in your country. If you need demos, it’s easier to get them on torrent sites for gamers since no registration is required. That said, the sites are full of malware and hackers. Using the sites without a VPN is simply asking for trouble.

There is also no reason you shouldn’t use a VPN anyway. Providers like PrivateVPN avail their services on smartphones; web browsers, downloadable programs or extensions. Connecting to the VPN is a one-step process. You can also customize your location to appear as though you are in any country around the world.

Once connected, you can download any files on your favorite torrent sites without worrying about hackers. If you also use a good antivirus program, any malicious files on the torrent sites are scanned before you can download them.

Use Strong Passwords

A good VPN can protect you from potential hackers. But there is more to security than hackers. Your close friends could be your enemies when it comes to securing your gaming files. Sometimes you may forget to enable your VPN while online. If your passwords are weak, it’s just any moment you could gain access without your knowledge.

If like many gamers you have too many accounts that require password authorization, consider using a password manager. Some antivirus companies offer the service. But if your antivirus provider doesn’t, there are many apps and browser plugins that can manage your passwords.

Stay Abreast of Security Threats that affect Gamers

As a gamer, you know better than to believe an antivirus and VPN are all you need to secure your smart devices. Cybercriminals are ever thinking of new ways to attack gamers. If they are not targeting skin website users, they are after mobile gamers.

You can reduce the risk of Internet-based risks by always using a Top-rated VPN and having a good antivirus, but you still need a good knowledge of Internet scams. That means you have to keep abreast of the different ways criminals target people like you. Learn how to secure your financial documents and how to best keep your data secured.

Utilize Different VPN Features

The good thing about VPNs is that they don’t only hide your IP address from the public. They are more than security tools. A modern private network can help you access sites that are banned in your country. You can stream shows on Netflix even if it’s not offered in your country. If your government has retrogressive Internet laws, you can always access them. For best protection, take advantage of every feature on your VPN when you need it.

To Conclude

VPNs help you use local Wi-Fi without worrying about being hacked. A good antivirus program ensures you don’t get malware by using the same Wi-Fi network. However, there are more ways to protect your computers and smartphones. Combine the benefits of VPNs and antiviruses with other techniques. You’ll forever game safely and have access to features many gamers don’t.

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