How To Stop Far Cry 6 From Opening a Twitch Browser

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Far Cry 6

A setting in Ubisoft Connect automatically takes you to on Twitch, unless you disable it.

The opening of the browser tab is actually managed by a Ubisoft Connect setting, not a setting within Far Cry 6. With Ubisoft Connect open, click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner. Then click Settings.

Far Cry 6

Under General, untick the second box that says “Enable post game notifications for upcoming releases, events, promotions and additions to my games.” Having done that you won’t get any little ads for Ubi games popping up after a session, and your browser won’t open a Twitch page when you quit to desktop.

If you use Ubisoft Connect on a daily basis you may have unticked that box a long, long time ago—I have a long time ago. But I recently reinstalled Ubisoft Connect on a new drive on my PC, so the setting was turned on by default.

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