How to Strengthen the Security of Your In-Home Internet Connection?

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The internet has become a staple in these modern times. Without its availability, we would not have been able to enjoy online streaming, online shopping, gaming, web surfing, and countless other things.

That is why it is of utmost importance the internet that we are so dependent upon is secure and safe for everyone in the house. Read below, as we discuss a few aspects of your home internet that you should be work on in order to make it more secure and private


Opt for a Reliable Internet Service Provider

First and foremost, the most important thing you need to do is subscribe to a reliable internet service provider. A good internet service provider not only provides you with phenomenal download and upload speed, constant connectivity, and increased bandwidth but it also creates a network that is secure and private for everyone connected to the network.

Thus, before deciding on the speeds you want for your gaming and streaming, do thorough research of the ISPs in your area and choose the one with the safest service. For instance, Optimum internet is the perfect example of high-quality internet service that is also secure and backed up by Optimum Servicio Al Cliente for round the clock customer support.


Change the Default Name of the Network

Every router ever sold comes with a default name or SSID (Service Set Identifier). This is the name you search for on your devices when you want to connect to the network. While keeping the default name as it is may seem harmless, it is an open invitation to potential hackers as it tells about the exact make and model of the router and makes it easier for hackers to access the network.


Choose a Strong Password

The next step is obviously choosing the right password. A password is the first line of defense against any intrusions. There are two ways to go about when choosing your password. You can either set a password that you can remember easily, such as your birthday or your cell number or you could go for a complex combination of alphabets, numbers, and symbols for better security. A password should be a random combination – it should not be something that people around you may be able to deduce based on your personality.


Keep the Router Software Updated

Like any other technological device, routers also come with their customized software. The purpose of the software is to create a medium between the router and the computer through which a user may be able to customize it.

This software gets out of date from time to time. Companies behind these routers regularly release update patches that are aimed at the rectification and modification of any vulnerabilities and risks in the current capabilities of the router. Whenever you are notified of a new update, we suggest you install it right away.


Use a VPN Service

A Virtual Private Network or VPN for short is a way for you to mask your actual IP address from the websites you access on the internet. Whenever you conclude an online session that was accessed through a VPN, all your activities are simply erased from existence. This way, the next time you access the same website, it will be as if you are visiting it for the first time. The website won’t be able to maintain a record of your information or present you with annoying ads based on your past activities.


Encrypt Your Network

Almost every router commercially sold to the public comes with an encryption feature built into it. The purpose of this feature is to add an extra layer of protection for your network against any threats. By default, the encryption is turned off, and you have to manually turn it on using the router’s IP address.

There are different types of encryption that you can choose from. There is Wired Equivalent Privacy or WEP, Wi-Fi Protected Access or WPA, and Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 or WPA2. Depending on the nature of your network, you will have to decide what type of encryption you want to set for yourself.


To Put It All Together

Privacy and security is your right, whether it is in the real world of the digital world. So, do take the necessary precautions and take every step possible to make your home network as safe as possible for you and your loved ones.

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