How To Take Care Of Car Brakes – Maintenance Tips

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Car Brakes

Taking care of car brakes is essential to avoid maintenance costs. While preventive overhaul plays a big role in maintaining good brake condition, there are a number of tips you can follow to increase the durability of your vehicle. Keep reading the complete text.


What are the main brake parts?

To understand how to take care of the braking system, it is necessary to understand a little of the mechanics of the car. The brakes are composed of the pedal, master cylinder, wheel cylinders, pistons, pads, metal tubes, and flexible hoses. In addition to these parts, fluid is also essential.


Brake Care

Avoid sudden braking

Sometimes it is inevitable, but it is recommended, where possible, to brake lightly. Very sudden braking can cause the disc to warp, increasing wear on parts. The brake ends up suffering a lot in the city, especially in that traditional walks and stops of traffic jams. Therefore, being subtle in the brake ensures that the service life of parts will not change.


The importance of brake fluid

Did you know that the brake has a fluid? It is the oil that transmits the pressure made with your foot to the wheels of the vehicle, making the car stop. That is: he is very important. A car with degraded fluid is a car with a lagged braking system. Changing this fluid varies by car model, but is guaranteed in most revisions – including the Jaguar Care plan.


Attentive ears

When it comes to taking care of the brakes, you should never stop listening to your car. Depending on the case, you may notice problems with the braking system when you hear a sharp hiss when braking. This usually indicates the need to add brake fluid. In addition to the noise, be aware of possible changes in pedaling time – if the car is taking longer than usual to stop, there is a problem that should be identified.


Attention to brake pads and disc

In addition to the fluid, another part that requires great care by the driver is the pads. They are responsible for stopping the vehicle when they come in contact with the disc. It is recommended to change the part when the friction material reaches a minimum thickness, which is usually 3 mm. you can get these parts from car parts store Buycarparts and it will be more convenient for you to buy from car parts APP.



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