How To Tame Animals in Far Cry Primal

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Far Cry Primal

Taming beasts in Far Cry Primal is a quite fun thing to do, but it is your very important weapon against the Udam. These animals will tear apart enemies, and you can even ride some of these creatures.This alone should inspire you to make friends with every bear you come across. They will keep the most nasty animals away from you and make running around at night, a walk in the park.

How to Tame Beasts

This is the first step in learning what animals can do for you, as the owl is a vital part of your survival when it comes to surveying the land ahead and striking enemies from above. It will walk you through the Tensay the Shaman and Visions of Beasts missions, and prepare you for what lies ahead.

You are the Beast Master

There are four different skills associated with mastering beasts. The first is Tame Canines, which will allow you to take control of dholes, rare dholes, wolves, white wolves and rare stripe wolves. After that, you’ll be able to unlock three additional skills: Tame Wildcats, Tame Apex Predators and Tame Cunning Beasts. With each one you open up, new animals can be tamed and join your side.

When taming beasts, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper skill unlocked before attempting. For example, you can’t tame a Cave Bear using the same Tame Apex Predator Skill that lets you tame Brown Bears. You’ll need the Tame Cunning Beasts skill to sway it to your side.

There are four main groups of animals that can be tamed in Far Cry Primal.


The first group of tameable animals unlocks after you complete you meet the Wenja Shaman, Tensay, and experience the Vision of Beasts quest. After you complete the vision you’ll actually be given a quest to track down and tame a White Wolf, making it the first tameable creatures you get.

The Canine group is comprised of Dholes, Rare Dholes, Wolves, White Wolves, and Rare Stripe Wolves.


The Wildcat family is the second tameable group of beasts that you can tame and command. Once you unlock this group you’ll be able to tame Leopards, Jaguars, Rare Black Jaguars, Cave Lions, and Rare Black Lions.

Apex Predators

This third group of tameable creatures is a small group, but it includes some of the most vicious creatures in all or Oros. It requires you to have five tamed animals to unlock, and then another two skill points to actually activate.

The Apex Predator group is comprised of the Sabretooth tiger and Brown Bear.

Cunning Beasts

Cunning beasts are the smartest and most dangerous animals in Oros. If you want to tame these mighty predators you’ll need to have tamed at least 8 beasts. Then you can unlock the ability to tame these creatures with three skill points.

The Cunning Beasts group is comprised of Cave Bears and Badgers.

Using Bait

One key element is bait, as you’ll want to make sure you have the maximum amount you can carry. You can check your inventory at any time by opening your Weapon Wheel and seeing how much you have available. If you’re short, create more using available meat. Short on meat? Skin a few animals and stock up.

Once you replenished bait, make sure that the animal that you want to tame is alone. This is important, because if you try to tame a wolf around its buddies, for example, they won’t hesitate to strike. Wait for an animal to go solo, then slowly attempt to convert it to your side. If you must, kill the others to forcibly create the opportunity.

This doesn’t merely apply to wolves. You can also find other species that follow the same logic, including a Cave Lion.Be careful if you see two species, like a Cave Lion or Wolf, fighting together. They may eventually decide to turn on Takkar, forcing you to flee and figure out what your next step is in taming an animal.

To sum everything up, you’ll want to make sure you unlocked the coordinating skill to the animal you’re trying to tame. You’ll also want to make sure that the animal is on its own when you’re trying to tame it to avoid getting attacked.

Once you’re set, simply throw the piece of bait near the animal to coax it, and then you’ll see an icon indicating this worked. As it’s eating the bait, slowly crouch and make your way towards the creature, but make sure you have another piece of bait in case it runs out. Once you get close enough, you’ll see an indicator telling you the animal is ready to be tamed. For me the best animal to keep as my pet is Bloodfang sabertooth, It is ruthless and fast.


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