How to Turn on Instagram’s Dark Mode

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Instagram now has a dark mode option.

The new option comes with the latest update to the app which released on iOS early Tuesday. And if you like dark mode, it’s glorious.

But it comes with a small catch, however. As noted by Engadget, Instagram doesn’t have a dark mode option that can be turned off and on. Instead, whether you’re on Android or iOS 13, the dark mode must be turned on in your phone’s settings for it to be working in the app.

In iOS 13, there are several ways to turn on dark mode. First, you can locate the option in the “Display & Brightness” section of your phone settings. Second, you can just ask Siri to turn it on for you. And, lastly, if you hold the brightness level indicator in the control panel, it’ll bring up an options screen that covers the dark mode toggle switch.

In Android 10, you have to find the “Dark Theme” option in the “Theme” submenu of the “Display” section of your phone settings.

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