How To Unlock a Phone With a Broken Screen

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Unlock a Phone

What is the most crucial component that lets you stay connected while doing lots of activities? Talk about Android or iPhones, the only way to operate with such mobile phones is the touch screen. When this most vital part of your phone gets broken, the repairment cost gets really pricey. 

This hits differently when a mobile addict faces such a situation. Most people feel depressed and worried. But no need to feel like that. 

Let’s talk to mobile screen fix materials on how we can attain without paying those high prices. 


OTG Adapter

First and foremost, OTG adapter. Ever felt like an adapter can actually help you on unlocking your phone? It is funny, yet it’s possible in today’s world. You may need only two things to execute such work: a mouse and an OTG adapter. 

OTG adapter. What is it? On The Go, the adapter is known for being a medium to connect Android with mouses. The mouse may drain a lot of battery, so it is advised to keep the phone fully charged. 

How to do it? 

Firstly connect the USB side of the OTG adapter to your device. Connect the mouse with the adapter. Now reboot your phone. 

Now, as soon as the device gets connected, a pointer will pop up if the connection is successful. That way, you can draw a pattern and unlock it. 

It can only crack pattern locks, so in addition, we will look into other alternatives too. 


Using Android Debug Bridge (ADB)

The best and most powerful method to unlock a phone with a broken screen? Introducing ADB. It requires a bit of work, which is worth the effort. So far known as the most effective method all around for unlocking any broken phones. So let’s get started.

Before starting, what does it require? Your Android or personal device and access to a PC. If you have these two, then we are operational and good to go. 

Firstly, download the Android SDK package on your PC. Extract the zip on your PC. 

After that, download all the necessary drivers for your device. The required USB drivers can be found on the specific manufacturer’s website. 

Then launch Command Prompt ( Windows button + R on windows 10 ). 

Change the location of the ADB file. In the following line, type cd C:/android/platform-tools.

Connect your device with the PC using USB cables. Enter 

“ADB device.”

When your phone gets recognized, you will get numbers in the Command Prompt message.

 Type the following commands one after one immediately. Put your password on the star marked.

ADB shell input text *your password*

Shell input key event 66

Now your phone will be unlocked, and you are good to go. 

On an alternative process you can just do this instead 

Adb shell

echo “persist.service.adb.enable=1” >>/system/build.prop

echo “persist.service.debuggable=1” >>/system/build.prop

echo “persist.sys.usb.config=mass_storage,adb” >>/system/build.prop”

You can only do this and just press enter. Then recover all the data from the phone. 

This method requires some coding and has a complicated process. But if executed correctly, it can help a lot. For computer geeks, it may be just a piece of cake; however, with a bit of help, any general person can do it too. 


Screen Removal

Is the best software available for such a situation? If you feel like the methods mentioned above are too complicated, then this might be just the thing for you. Talk to mobile screen fix persons to get more info on this. This is a simple and easy processing software that you can use. The name of the software is Android Lock Screen Removal.

 How to use it? You can remove the password of your smartphone or Android without even touching it. Without any kind of PIN, pattern, passcode, you get straight access with such software. Moreover, you get all the information without ruining anything or deleting anything inside. Very handy, right? 

 No coding skills are required. Just connect with a PC or MAC. Install the tool and click the “Remove Screen Lock” tab and connect the phone with your PC. Click “Start” from the software’s main interface and reboot the Android by pressing the Home, Volume, and Power button. 

After this, Android Lock Screen Removal will download its required packages and services. Do not disconnect or take off the cable during the process, or else it will be a horrible failure. 

After the download process, the application will automatically remove the passwords or patterns on your smartphone without touching anything else at all. Now you can use, copy or do anything you want from your phone and save it to the PC. 



The information that this article holds is all valid and working. Some of them may require some technical skills and coding skills. But the effort is always worth the result. Any mismanagement will destroy the process and your device. 

So it remains a precaution to be very careful with such tools always. If none of these works out for you, then visiting the repair house is always there for you. And if these tricks work for you, then I am really glad to help. 

After getting it recovered, buy a case cover and screen protector to prevent any physical damage in the future.   

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