How To Unlock The Fallout 4 Outfit in Ghostwire: Tokyo

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How To Unlock The Fallout 4 Outfit in Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo has some fun crossover content creased away inside. But much like another one of Tango Gameworks’ titles, The Evil Within 2, there are references to other games published by Bethesda peppered throughout. In fact, this crossover content is a special look for your character. Here is our Ghostwire: Tokyo how to get the Fallout 4 outfit guide.

How To Unlock The Fallout 4 Outfit in Ghostwire Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo How To Unlock The Fallout 4 Outfit – Unlocking The Side Mission

In order for you to unlock the Fallout 4 outfit, you’ll need to make a certain side mission available. Thankfully, this can be unlocked very early in the game by just playing through the main story Near the end of Chapter 2 of the main story, you will end up at the top of a building near Shibuya station. It is the one with the really large torii gate you had to cleanse as part of the story chapter. Once this gate is cleansed, the map should reveal a new side mission titled The Crimson Moon. Mark it on your map and head to it. If the mission directs you to a payphone, you’re on the right track.


Ghostwire: Tokyo How To Unlock The Fallout 4 Outfit – Completing The Crimson Moon Side Mission

As for The Crimson Moon side mission itself, it is no different from any other side mission in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Ghost hunter KK’s technical assistant, Ed, needs you to take some scans of the unsettling red moon that’s been hovering over the city since the massive ghost outbreak happened. You will need to go to three locations marked on your map, climb to the highest point at each of them, and then scan the red moon using the smartwatch device provided.

But the biggest challenge with The Crimson Moon isn’t so much combat difficulty as it is navigation. One of the locations, an abandoned construction site, does have a difficult gauntlet of enemies, but the biggest challenge was trying to figure out how to get to the top. The second location, a high-rise office building, is a similar exercise in frustration. The easiest building to scale by far is the one represented by the smallest circle. For that one, you just walk around the perimeter of the building until you find a stairwell then climb it to the top.

As for the other two buildings, there are a few things to keep in mind. The high-rise building does have a few areas where tengus hang out. Figure out the right angle for a grapple and you should find your way up. As for the construction site, you’ll have to keep an eye out for scaffolding and staircases and manage your way up from there.

But both the construction site and the high-rise office building aren’t as intimidating if you look for one simple thing: boom lifts. Hop into one of them, hit the switch, and ride it up the side of a building to the next floor, rinse and repeat.

Once you’ve scanned the moon from all three locations, return to the payphone where you first picked up the quest to drop off the technical data for Ed. Once the cutscene with Ed having an existential crisis over the implications of your findings ends, the quest ends and you’ll get your reward.

From there, open up your menu and go to your inventory. Next, scroll to the outfits section then go all the way to the bottom. There should be an entire section dedicated to outfits. Inside should be the Fallout 4 Vault 111 outfit. In addition, the Ghostwear watch that you used for the side mission is now a wrist accessory. The outfit does show up in cutscenes. But, the smartwatch you get for the mission does not change into a Pip-Boy.

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