How To Use Instagram To Promote Your Brand And Drive Sales?

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Instagram is one of those popular social media platforms, which also serves as a business platform that drives results. Instagram is no longer about posting random selfies. Today, Instagram is a business platform where small brands can promote themselves next to the corporate giants.

Instagram continues to build a global community for the audience worldwide, by enabling shopping posts, which allows potential shoppers to check the features, without having to switch to another platform. However, anyone with a business account knows that just opening a business account is not enough. There is a lot of activity going on for increasing the sales from your Instagram account, and these activities do not meet the eyes of the common man.


Optimizing the business Instagram Account

One needs to optimize its Instagram Business Account before promoting their products. Optimizing an Instagram profile means, a visitor should have one look at the profile and understand what the business is all about. The following pointers given below will make it more clear:

  • Always use a recognizable name and photo: One of the most common mistakes Instagram Business Account holders make is uploading a barely identifiable picture of the brand.
  • Including a link to boost traffic sales: Instagram has a separate column for putting up a website link. You should always include the link in the section to increase the website traffic and sales.
  • Hook the followers with an interesting bio: It is a common practice amongst people to scan the profile, bio, and photographs before they decide whether to follow or not. The Instagram Account is like an elevator pitch that hooks followers to a brand. You can choose to write an entire description using 150 characters, or write a catchy one-liner that speaks about the brand.


Creating an Instagram Marketing Strategy

Planning a marketing strategy is the key to success. If you fail to plan, then it is likely that you might fail in launching the campaign successfully. Set goals, prepare your business strategies, aligning it with your content. A strategic business plan allows you to measure your progress and assess the effectiveness of your Instagram Marketing. It enables you to analyze your management, the impact of the brand, and revenue.

  • Engage with your customers to strengthen your relationship

It is evident that if you are entering a store, you do not want to go unnoticed. And the same concept applies to the individuals who are visiting your Instagram page. It is likely that if visitors notice an inactive page, they might lose interest and unfollow your page. And, that is a nightmare, which no brand wants to face. Uploading promo videos on your Instagram handle and engaging customers with it is a good start.

  • Driving Sales with Instagram shopping, content and features

Frequently share the brand products, giveaways, and events on your Instagram handle. Once you plan, strategize and turn your Instagram into a sales-oriented machine, it is time to drive sales with content, delivery, and packaging. Ensure that the posts that are promoting your brand products are creatively shot professional photos. And, as the customers cannot touch the products physically and only virtually see them, they should have a clear picture of the product with sufficient light.

  • Creating interesting Instagram posts that will make others follow you

According to research, 90% of the information which our brain receives and stores is visual. Hence, creating a post that speaks a hundred words is effective in driving followers who will stay hooked onto the brand. However, you must keep in mind that even though a lot of shoppers are there on Instagram, it is not pertinently a shopping destination.

  • Use hashtags for wider reach

Widen your discoverability by expanding your hashtag range. People must first see you follow you. Hence, it is essential to have an efficient hashtag marketing strategy, even if your brand is posting excellent posts on Instagram.

  • To continue your growth, always measure your success

Once the brand creates a name on Instagram, the goal is to keep attracting customers. You surely do not want your Instagram Business account to be a plateau. Take out time and analyze your success. As this is the only way to continue growing, maintain the growth, and continue optimizing your account.

  • Be consistent with your posting schedule

Keep your followers hooked onto your brand by regularly posting on the Instagram handle. It is a good idea to be present on the feeds of the followers, but make sure you don’t spam their feed with invaluable content.

Now, you do not have to hire an entire team to make an ad for your brand. Log onto and create professional-quality advertisements and videos of the products of your brand.

The professional look of the ad will catch the attention of the followers of your brand. The ready-to-use templates and a selection of a wide range of features will help you in creating an attractive video.

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