How To Win in Quick Checkers (4 Tips)

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 Quick Checkers

When it comes to abstract strategy games, checkers, alternatively known as draughts, is one of the simplest and most widely games in the world. And when it comes to checkers, Quick Checkers simply stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Created by GamoVation, a video game developer with a penchant for creating some of the most engrossing and fascinating games, Quick Checkers is an unequivocal frontrunner when it comes to online checkers.

Released in 2020, this classic board game is available for download both on Android and iOS.

Although it’s quite an easy game to play, it takes a keen sense of judgment for one to win a game of checkers. No worries though. We have just the tips to help turn you into a serial winner at checkers:


Control the center

As tempting as it may be, placing the checkers pieces on the edges isn’t the best of strategies. It may seem like a decent move, considering that your pieces cannot be captured, but in truth, doing this only limits your options.

As such, the best strategy would be to advance your checkers pieces at the center of the board, as it will force your opponent to the edges. This will in turn limit their options whilst increasing your chances of capturing more of your opponent’s pieces.


Advance en Masse

For someone new to the game, advancing with a single checker piece seems like a reasonable strategy, as it reduces the number of checkers pieces exposed to being captured. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as your checkers pieces will inevitably be captured one after the other.

With that said, the most suitable strategy would be to advance your checkers pieces as a group. In doing so, you’ll not only be pressing forward but also be avoiding capture thanks to the backup received from your surrounding checkers pieces.


Be the first to get to the king row

Just like the name goes, Kinged pieces come with a certain set of privileges that don’t necessarily apply to normal pieces.

You should, therefore, endeavor to be the first to reach the king row and earn promotion to a King, as it heavily increases your options of capturing, as well as advancing.

And as you advance en masse, never shy away from creating forced moves and sacrificing some of your checkers pieces. It’s certainly worth sacrificing a checkers piece if it translates to creating a clear path to promotion, as a Kinged piece has more privileges when it comes to both advancing and capturing your opponent’s pieces.

The more Kings you have, the better your chances of overwhelming your opponent and winning the game.


Keep your king row intact

Whenever your opponent has more Kings, it could spell danger for you given the aforementioned privileges of Kinged pieces.

Keeping your king row compact for as long as possible can, therefore, be a shrewd way of frustrating your opponent and preventing them from getting any Kinged pieces.

This strategy however works best when you seek to get more of your checkers pieces Kinged while restricting your opponent to no promoted pieces for as long as you can.

Download the Quick Checkers app now either on the App Store or Google Play Store and prove that you are indeed the real checkers master!


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