How Video Game Developers Using Social Media For Marketing

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Stephanie Herdman, who is a social media coordinator at Evolve PR explained the many ways that different social media platforms are and can be used for marketing, and big game companies are very active on social marketing, but most of the companies outsource such services to more specialized companies in the field,  such as BPO outsourcing company in Australia.

With a focus on promising and up-and-coming game devs and game streamers, Herdman set out the various demographics that usually coincide with each social platform, along with how to efficiently carry news on each one.

Before getting into each platform’s individual strength, she also said that developers must examine their audience and how to proceed.

“If you don’t have any idea who your audience is, then research potential customers. Check out the same products or people — to whom you are selling, Look at who’s using this stuff and loving it. Who is playing your game? This is the very initial thing you should be considering and planning about.”

But some of the social media channels are more useful than others for getting to specific audiences, each social networking platform comes with its good share of good and bad.


Let’s Talk About Facebook

Pros: It is not expensive in advertising, and give you access to global/developing markets

Cons: Organic reach is not optimal, and very bad at processing Gifs

If you look into Facebook’s age demographic, It is in the 25 to 34-year-old range, Herdman also said that Facebook appeal to older users. If you’re making a game that is based on brain teasers and puzzles, and it will be created and turned into a mobile app that would attract the mature gamers or the older generations, you might want to try Facebook. But if you’re making some hip and happening app that’s for the younger generation and kids, It is maybe not the platform for you to market on.

Facebook is one of the cheapest platforms to run your ads on, which can be very helpful for those with not so huge budgets. She also said that the network is doing very well in not so developed markets and its reach over there is the most, which can take yours further into the global status.


The wiz of the gaming world, Twitter

Good: Huge gaming community; much more powerful organic reach

Bad: Audience is limited than other platforms

Herdman said about Twitter’s users “Educated, wealthy and urban”, information she connected to Hootsuite. If you going to talk about the gaming community, Herdman said Twitter is “the gaming standard” of social media platforms.

Twitter has a very good and strong presence in the gaming community, she also said that the platform has a much more scale user base overall when you compare it to networks like Facebook and Instagram, Which is diverse and huge. Herdman also said that there are users of the platform who are fighting and competing for attention, which makes it quite tricky to stand out on the platform.


The Gold Standard, Instagram

Good: Engagement is straightforward

Bad: The need for high-quality content

Instagram is no doubt is the biggest platform in the marketing world right now, with a huge demographic of young females, Herdman said that it’s considered now “up-and-coming” in the video gaming scene. But, engagement on this image-based social media as a body has also proven useful for the video game industry.

On every gaming platform, Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega, if you are striving for likes and comments, Instagram will get you the highest amount out of any social platform which is currently in the market.

But on the downside, Herdman said that a large portion of Instagram’s audience can be “questionable”, which means comments are likely made by bots or those who want to have reciprocal likes/follows rather than those organically involved in the social media posts.

Instagram needs a lot of work to be put into posts whereas on other platforms it is much more relaxed.

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