Huge Geralt: This Big Geralt of Rivia Statue Can Cost You A Whopping $1449

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Geralt of Rivia Statue

Prime 1 Studio is now selling a cool statue, and it can be yours for the low, low price of just $1449.

The 1/3 scale monument is constructed of “polystone and other materials,” which stands about three feet in height with a maximum diameter of just under two feet, and weighs about 57 pounds. Geralt’s right-hand grips his “iconic” monster-killing silver sword, while in his left are the recently cut heads of a trio of harpies who made the error in judgment by messing with him. He’s wearing his classic Kaer Morhen armor and stands upon a base with a large, LED-lit Wolf School medallion.

The pièce de résistance of this huge slab of man is the swappable head, allowing a Geralt for every mood. Four different heads are included:

  • Sexy Geralt (technically “Normal Geralt” but really, what’s the difference?)
  • No-Beard Geralt
  • Hearts of Stone Mark Geralt
  • Toxicity Geralt

“This is the first 1/3 scale Geralt statue and this scale perfectly conveys the aura and the strong presence that Geralt has,” the listing states. “We have worked very hard to merge the elements of the videogame, along with our advanced 3D modeling and design to bring you the very best Geralt of Rivia statue of all time.”


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