Huge GTA ONLINE Update Will Make You Play As Cops

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Rockstar Games killed off Red Dead Online, but things are going to do better in Los Santos as GTA remains the developer’s money printing machine.

Like clockwork, GTA Online usually gets two major updates a year. While the game plodded along for the first few years, it was 2015’s introduction of Heists that helped catapult GTA Online to where it is today We’ve heard a lot about this mythical expansion, with everything from GTA V‘s Michael De Santa to a huge GTA 4 crossover adding Liberty City.

A Rockstar blog post confirms the new update is coming in a “few weeks” and gives us several new career options. Whether being a nightclub owner or biker, you can also go on the wrong side of the law as a gunrunner, or dress as the boys in blue to finally be a cop.

In the post, Rockstar explains you’ll be able to take part in “a set of Contact Missions that presents the opportunity to be sworn in as a special IAA field operative to investigate a budding criminal conspiracy.” For those who don’t know, the IAA is the fictional International Affairs Agency. First appearing in GTA 4, the IAA returned in GTA V and is a major presence Online.

There are likely to be some queries about where Michael is, especially because he’s been rumored to be coming in GTA Online. This update seems like the ideal chance to introduce him – especially given his ties to the IAA and Federal Investigation Bureau (FIB). The IAA featured as a huge presence in GTA V‘s bullet-riddled finale, so we’re not sure why you’d go to the effort of reintroducing them but not Michael.



Over the years, Rockstar has never made it fully possible to play as cops in GTA Online. We guess it might be something to do with distancing the game from real-life law enforcement. You can become a cop in GTA Online, but it’s limited. Firstly, you have to steal a cop car and avoid capture. Then, head to the Rockstar Editor and select Director Mode. Find the Actors option, select Emergency Services, and then LSPD. You’re a cop, but you can only assist police in their jobs.

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