Hulu GIF Search Engine Introduced

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Hulu GIF Search Engine

Hulu launched its own GIF search engine. Its called “The Perfect GIF” and is powered by Tumblr, which is like GIF heaven.

However, The Perfect GIF is not a conventional Tumblr blog. It’s a new experience which lets users search for GIFs based on title, tag, action involved or even the reaction. Why would they do this? Think about it. This will be an easy way for Hulu to put its branding in front of as many people as possible. They provide GIFs, you share them people see the HULU name. simple. GIFs will be branded with #Hulu, the network’s logo and the show’s name.

The question is, will people use these GIFs. I guess we will find out. The Perfect GIF from Hulu has more than 1,400 GIFs from some of the most popular shows that it offers. Shows by major networks like NBC, ABC, Fox, MTV, Bravo, Showtime, FX and many more. Cool idea. We will see if it catches on.



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