HUMANKIND Revealed The Diplomacy Options in New Video

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Humankind is a new 4X game that will be releasing soon from Amplitude Studios and SEGA. In the new Feature Focus video and blog, the developers revealed the diplomatic tools available to players. There is combat will be a huge part of the game, but there are other ways to deal with other countries. You can make treaties, write angry letters, trade with others, and there is much more which game has to offer.

HUMANKIND’s diplomacy system is meant to create interesting stories based on a player’s interactions with the map and other opponents. You’ll be able to develop a changing relationship with the other empires and find reasons to love or hate them. Angry at that neighbor who forward settled you? Send them a strongly worded letter to demand they hand it over immediately. Backstabbed by your long-term ally? They’ll have a hard time maintaining that war.

Humankind will be available on August 17 on PC (Epic|Steam) and Stadia with pre-orders live now.


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