HUNT: SHOWDOWN’S Serpent Moon Event Is Live!

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Hunt: Shadow

Hunt: Shadow’s biggest live event is here! Titled, Serpent Moon, this new live event brings a supernatural infestation of snakes to the bayou. This event runs for exactly 60 days until September 25th which gives players quite a while to satisfy themselves in the mystery all across the bayou.

This live event sees the bayou packed with snake dens which players will want to capture in order to sacrifice the snakes at alters scattered throughout the game’s maps. Alarming the snakes within the dens will cause them to attack, so it’s imperative for hunters to tread lightly around them. Sacrificing these snakes will grant hunters great rewards such as event points, and even more, once the job is done. Additionally, hunters can get lesser rewards for simply destroying them.

The game also sees some other new acquisitions in the form of weapons and Blood Bonds which players can gain through its duration as well as three new traits; Beastface, Serpent, and Poison Sense. The last major piece that launches with this event is the all-new Legendary Hunter, Viper. This character has the ability to evolve as players use them during gameplay, changing the way the character operates overall.

Hunt: Showdown is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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