iGrow Hair Growth System: Get Your Hair Back

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iGrow Hair Growth System

So Rogaine’s not working for you. Implants are out of the question, Rubbing hair-regrowth shampoo all over your head is just too silly,  Before you completely give up on having that full of head of hair you used to though, there’s one more option on the table: the iGrow Hair Growth System.

It’s a low-level laser therapy that you get by putting on this strange-looking helmet. It works through 51 low-level red laser and LED lights to re-energize cells at the follicle level to stimulate hair growth. Apparently, it has been shown to increase growth by up to 39 percent after 16 weeks of usage.

So it definitely takes time and commitment (to, you know, put a helmet on your head), but if you want to keep that receding hairline at bay for a bit longer, then man up and put it on. It’s even got headphones so you can listen to your favorite beats during treatment.

The folks behind iGrow are trying to get the necessary clearance to make the device available over the counter and to women. Perhaps its only downside? The $695 price tag.



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