Iimo Tricycle 3 for Kids

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Iimo Tricycle 3 for Kids

This award-winning series of designer trikes is back with the Iimo Tricycle 3 for Kids.

The guard rail keeps the rider safe and protected in their seat.

Foot rests allow the rider to pause and take their feet off the pedals, which are also designed so your feet don’t get caught up.

And a large bag is now included that sits on the rear, so you can transport all your child’s things with them when they want to ride.

The steering handle at the back offers support for the rider, so mom or dad can help their child learn to ride.

Another new features is the sun shade, which keeps the rider safe from UV rays while they get to grips with mobility.

Finally, wheel stoppers in two places mean a parent can make sure the trike doesn’t go anywhere without them noticing.

The design is available in two colors: Eternity Red or Comfort Brown.

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