Illumibowl Lights For Your Targeting Issues

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Illumibowl Lights

This is the answer to all your midnight nature calls where you miss you mark by a feet and if you are a bit intoxicated then you can miss the bulls eye all together and if you are lucky you won’t see a bathtub as a urinal ( Not based on a true story )

A motion-activated night light, it’s designed to turn on as soon as it detects movement, It sits right on the bowl, illuminating that oval area where the water’s supposed to go.  That way, you’ll know exactly where to aim, minimizing the chances that your bathroom ends up smelling like a cheap movie theater’s bathroom.

Illumibowl Lights

The Illumibowl hooks onto the rim of the bowl, monitoring any movement around the vicinity, then switching on when you walk in and off when you leave.  The device sits along the edge the entire time, so it makes no contact with the dirtier portion of the bowl.   It uses 5mm color-changing LEDs that go from one color to another every few seconds, so you’ll be peeing to the sight of slowly-changing changing disco lights at ungodly hours. It runs on a pair of AAA batteries.

Head on over to Illumibowl’s Kickstarter campaign, where you can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $15. Not a bad deal for such a messy problem!


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