illumiBowl Motion-Activated Toilet Night Light

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illumiBowl Motion-Activated Toilet Night Light

You can set your IllumiBowl to any single color or color-rotate (Red, Orange, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Pink, White). Your IllumiBowl color changing night light will make your toilet bowl glow every time you walk into your bathroom at night.

There is no longer any need to stumble around in the dark; turn on blinding midnight lights; fall in the toilet; or aim in the dark and make a mess! Finally!

illumiBowl Motion-Activated Toilet Night Light

Your IllumiBowl Toilet Light is light sensitive so it will only turn on in the dark; and motion activated so that it will only light up when you walk into the bathroom at night.

It’s suction cups and adjustable arm allow you to custom fit it to your toilet so that it will fit perfect and discreetly out of the way on your toilet no matter it’s shape or size.

To clean off your illumibowl simply wipe it off with wet wipes, a damp cloth, or whatever you already use to clean off your outter bowl. Pee happy! Pee safe! Pee Free!


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