Immersis Turned Your Room Into Virtual Reality Gaming Solution

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Immersis Virtual Reality Immersive Gaming Solution

Immersis has been designed to transform a room into a virtual reality environment providing immersive gaming and video on a completely new scale to multiple participants, using next generation fisheye lens technology and 4K Ultra HD resolutions.

Once connected to your computer the Immersis system is capable of projecting any kind of content on the walls of the room to 180 degrees. Watch the video below to learn more about the new and very unique virtual reality system from its creators.

“For the last century, we’ve been looking at the world through the tiny window of our TV screens, computers and tablets. Our brains have been conditioned to be satisfied by their two-dimensional experience. The arrival of VR headsets in 2014 showed us the power of virtual reality immersion but the headset experience is limited ; firstly, because you experience the virtual reality world alone, and, secondly, because the stereoscopic technology is unnatural it can have undesirable side effects.

Immersis transforms your entire living room into an immersive support for your video games and panoramic videos. You can share this experience with friends and family and play as long as you’d like without fatigue.

This first version of Immersis is based on an innovative, disruptive technology developed by Catopsys. Conceived for both gamers and mainstream users : it is easy to install and use, technologically powerful with an attractive price. The technology is based on a real-time adaptation of the image to the shape and size of the room that you are in as well as its advanced optical system.

Immersis will revolutionize immersive virtual reality and video. We need your help to make this revolution a reality and to discover together how you can best put Immersis to work for you.”

The Immersis project is currently over on the Kickstarter crowd funding website looking to raise $100,000 in pledges to make the jump from concept to production.


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