Imparting A Whole New Meaning To Board Games With Augmented Reality

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AR - Chess

By Striking The Right Cord Of Harmony Between Digital And Traditional Aspects, Board Games Are Coming Up With A Winning Combination 

The real world is being infused with virtual objects coupled with the respectable computing power of dynamic smartphones. Several bigshot companies such as Facebook and Apple are taking note of this latest phenomenon for being applied to things such as Snapchat filters and Animoji. Even the interior industry and home designing are feeling the impact of augmented reality as clients are demanding an intricate projection of furniture and other objects as well as manipulation of color schemes concerned with home remodeling. Developers are building games empowered by the arrival of tools such as Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit.


Numerous startup companies are also working tirelessly on augmented reality tabletop game systems, which are expected to combine board gameplay along with living action visual effects.“Star Wars: Jedi Challenges,” an iOS platform game was recently created from the original “Dejarik” game as shown in the “Star Wars Episode VI: A New Hope” movie. This chess-like game having a circular board featured the movement of animated creature pieces from space to space. This game has received wide appreciation amongst Star Wars aficionados as it can be enjoyed on the iPhone coupled with an augmented reality headset. Pokémon Go is another name, which has imparted a whole new meaning to augmented reality by blending our real world with the virtual one to enrich our gaming experience. This is the very reason behind its rapid surge in popularity over recent years.


Customer satisfaction is taking the place of paramount importance for modern-day game developers who are trying to cater to the varied requirement of users. Augmented reality seems like a viable option in the modern world where people are trying to merge the real-world phenomenon with virtual happenings to experience the best of both. On being infused with augmented reality technology, team-oriented tabletop games are unleashing their utmost potential by encompassing the users with much more engaging and interactive aspects. The “hybrid” board games are tagging along with versatile sound and animation effects without losing out on the feel and perception of a traditional board game. They are also serving as a potent answer to the fascination of younger players as well as their elder contemporaries whose childhood had been characterized by video gaming having sub-par visuals. On being merged with our real world, the virtual reality of augmented technology is enriching our whole experience while keeping it as much authentic as possible.


The best thing about augmented reality is its capability of re-introducing the social aspect to gamers. Active video gamers usually like to stay indoors while overcoming new challenges and cracking hard levels. They also interact with fellow gamers over the digital space. The true nature of tabletop board games often forces players to be in the same room physically as of others. Gamers, who have been bewitched by this versatile technology, are opening up to social platforms just for participating in these tabletop games.

Augmented reality can very well be branded as the next big thing in the sphere of board games. In a world characterized by rapid digitalization, these dynamic games will surely serve the growing needs of hardcore gamers in days to come. Players are bound to be in for an unforgettable experience by blending traditional board games with mobile gaming.

Oracles Game

Won’t it feel absolutely wonderful to exercise supreme control over the gaming view? Well, coupled with augmented reality you can do just that as the game board becomes visible from all the angles, which is usually not the case for normal 2D modules. Imagine playing Angry Birds in a 3D format sitting at the comfort of your room while enjoying a holistic view of the real-time happenings. From monsters fighting in your room to running on dangerous trails collecting coins and dodging obstacles on the way, the list is endless when it comes to taking your pick. The team-oriented strategy game, which can be accessed readily from Oracles, has been designed to take your board game experience to a whole new level coupled with an exclusive AR mobile application.


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