Important Things You Need To Know Before You Order PlayStation 4

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PS4 is one of the leading gaming consoles out there, they have the largest customer base when it comes to gaming, almost everyone will recommend choosing PlayStation 4 as your gaming console. If you’re convinced to buy PlayStation 4, there is the need to know some important stuff about the gaming console before you pull out your credit card and place an order. In this post we’ll talk about some important things you should know before buying PS4 gaming console, without any further delay let’s take a look at the basic things about PS4.

PlayStation 4 Limited Edition Gran Turismo Sport Console

Inside the box

Included inside the box are the power and HDMI cable, a single DualShock 4 controller and USB cable for charging it, a mono headset is included which can be used for voice chat. HDMI is the connection PS4 works, a lot of gamers though have upgraded by using their TV, but you should know that PS4 won’t work smoothly with older sets. All the basic accessories that come with your package can be attached and used with the console pretty simple, you don’t really need a long guide, but there is still user manual included if you need any help. There are also extra accessories when placing your order, these accessories when ordered will be included in your package.


PlayStation Plus membership

If you want to enjoy PS4, you should definitely consider joining the membership service which comes with a lot of benefits and it doesn’t cost much, if you’re paying monthly, it’s going to cost as low as $10 or $50 per year. With this membership, you’ll enjoy a lot of premium games for free, almost every month a new premium game is added to members and they can download for free. The PlayStation network is improving every day; you should therefore expect to have a better experience as time goes on.

You need the PlayStation Plus membership if you want to play games online and want to participate with friends, you can download game updates automatically, you have access to one gigabyte of cloud storage where you can save game data and more stuffs.


You can run out of storage

If you’re a hard-core gamer, the 500GB storage won’t be enough for you. Games occupy a lot of space, for Triple A title games, the average games size is about 40GB. As you might also know, PS4 doesn’t support external hard drive, you have to replace the internal SATA drive that’s compatible with Sony hardware. 500GB storage can still satisfy some people, but for most, it’s not close to been enough.

PlayStation 4 Limited Edition Gran Turismo Sport Console

PlayStation 4 requires a patch

Immediately you remove it from the box, the PS4 will require a patch. This patch will let you unlock multiple features of the game console, like sharing games online, streaming content and also be able to download games. The 300MB patch is needed if you want to DVDs and Blu-rays to play games, whenever you unlock a feature, it’s costing Sony by the content licensing company.


Media not supported

One of the things that made PS3 popular is the ability to play all your favorite media files, that means you can play MP3s, CDs, and can act as Media box for your DLNA and more. you cannot enjoy these features on PlayStation 4 and Sony has been criticized for disabling media play on PS4. When Sony president was contacted for the absence of media player in the early versions of PS4, he said they’ll consider that in the future.


Sharing and streaming

PlayStation 4 is popular for sharing gaming moments with friends and family, also supports sharing on different platforms. The PS4 gaming console allow you to share gameplay on popular streaming services such as Twitch and Ustream, you can also edit your gameplay for sharing on Facebook.

The ‘Game DVR’ feature included in PS4 allow the user to capture up to 15 minutes of gameplay, you can use other tricks to capture as many hours as you like with your console and can be edited with console tools. Also you should know that you can’t share videos out of the services listed in your console, you can’t even save to your PC, you’ll have to use some other tricks which can be found online.

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Doesn’t have backward compatibility

One of the things that make its rival, Xbox one more popular is the backward compatibility, it’s the best-selling point Microsoft has. But unfortunately, PS4 doesn’t support backward compatibility, but now that PS5 is almost ready the developers promised to include backward compatibility. So that means you’ll have purchase new games for your PS4 console, your PS3 games can’t be played and that’ a huge downside since you have to spend a lot of money on buying new game collection, but thanks to the PSN Plus membership that allow you to access free games. Go grab PSN cards and redeem in your PSN account, you can buy for as low as $10 PSN cards which you can pay for your PSN Plus membership for at least one month.

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