Incredible Looking Space Pirate Looter MARAUDERS Trailer Revealed

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Team 17 and Small Impact Games have released a new first-person shooter Marauders, a loot-based multiplayer game that puts players as space pirates looking for plunder. Breach and explore enemy spaceships, steal all you want that isn’t nailed down, and find an iconic arsenal of weapons while you battle other players and AI enemies.

You can play it solo or bring your crew with you, Marauders will support up to four-player squads or going in alone. Pack yourself with gear and weapons for your raids to improve your chance of survival because whatever you are able to bring back will be yours. Weapons can be used for coming raids, resources can be used to improve the ship, or sell all the booty for some cash. Build new ships for tense dogfights, or capture someone else’s!

The first hands-on demo will be at the public-hands-on demo at the Team17 booth at W.A.S.D, 7th-9th of April, in London, UK.

Marauders will be out on Steam Early Access and Game Preview via PC Game Pass later this year. Pre-orders will soon be live via Steam and on the Microsoft Store, and will give access to the game’s upcoming closed alpha. There are not many details that have been announced, we can expect to hear more as the year goes on. For more information click HERE.

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