Incredible Steampunk Commodore 64 Laptop

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Steampunk Commodore 64

This is the most attractive laptop which is currently on display at CES 2019, Check out this incredible Steampunk Commodore 64 laptop created by Bad Dog Designs. Do watch the video below for full specifications and watch it in action.

“Here I’ve been asked to take an original 1980’s Commodore 64 home computer and convert it into a Steampunk style Laptop. The Computer was overhauled and the casing made to suit, along with the addition of an LCD panel and a decent 4 speaker sound system built into the casing.”

“The award-winning Bad Dog Designs workshops are located inside converted stables in Pillaton, Staffordshire, England, where I create unique and individual clocks from vintage Nixie tubes, hand-crafted tubes, and other unique pieces of equipment that I discover on my travels or have lurking in the workshop (feel free to take a virtual tour around the workshop to see if anything catches your fancy – just click on the starting points tab at the top).”

Click the link below to learn more about the projects of the Bad Dog Designs team who specialize in producing Nixie tube clocks and other wondrous gadgets.


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