Incredibly Bright NiteCore TM26 Tiny Monster Flashlight

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NiteCore TM26 Tiny Monster Flashlight

The Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26 Quad Ray LED Flashlight has the power and features of a full-size light packed into a compact package.

Its head has four Cree XM-L U2 LED emitters that drive the five output levels from 3 lumens to 3800.

The low output is ideal for reading or looking in a pack, while the turbo mode is perfect for search-and-rescue or lighting a campsite.

Its three-function strobe mode has a disorientating rapid strobe, a steady flashing beacon and an SOS emergency signal.

To keep you apprised of the status of the light, there is an OLED display that shows lumen and output mode, voltage, battery level, remaining runtime and temperature.

As you change output, the display updates accordingly. A single, intelligent two-stage pushbutton switch controls all the output and mode functions in an easy-to-use interface.

The aluminum alloy housing has a hard-anodized black finish to resist corrosion and scratches.

The emitter lens has anti-reflective coatings on both sides and is tempered to be resistant to breaking and scratching.

This durable light is impact resistant to 5′ and submersible to 6.6′. To help prevent over-heating, hardened heat-dissipating fins cover the head.

Protection circuitry also prevents over-heat damage by stepping down the output or shutting off the light if it gets too hot.

An over-charge system cuts the charging current when the batteries are fully charged. To add to the light’s versatility, it can run on disposable CR123A lithium batteries or 18650 and CR123A li-ion rechargeable.

The light will also run on as few as 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A batteries, but at reduced performance. Running the light with fewer batteries, is not recommended for long periods and is only intended for emergency situations.

  • The world’s smallest 3800 lumen LED flashlight
  • Integrated multi-function OLED display
  • Thermal protection circuit prevents overheating
  • Compatible with both 18650 Li-ion and CR123 batteries
  • Intelligent charging circuit with voltage detection charges safely and rapidly
  • Exceptionally long runtimes using 4 x 18650 Li-ion or 8 x CR123 batteries



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