Incredibly Cool Looking SPIKE Ferrofluid Desktop Toy

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SPIKE Ferrofluid

Ferrofluid desktop toys are brilliant to have very much fun to play. Ferrofluid expert Matt Robison has created a new Ferrofluid display offering a “mesmerizing interactive kinetic sculpture” that you can interact with directly from your desktop using the supplied magnet.

SPIKE Ferrofluid Display which is now available to back via Kickstarter with early bird pledges available from $49 and worldwide shipping expected to start in February 2019.

“Ferrofluid was originally invented by NASA in the 1960’s as a prototype rocket fuel, useful because it could be pulled into the engines using magnets in a zero-gravity environment. In fact, its original formula was 85% RP1 rocket fuel (a highly refined kerosene), 10% nanosized magnetite particles (so you could move the fuel using magnets), and 5% Oleic Acid (to keep the magnetite from clumping).

It didn’t take off like a rocket fuel (partially because RP1 is notoriously hard to ignite) but has found many industrial uses over the years, from magnetic adjustable shocks in luxury cars, to voice coils in loudspeakers, and even magnetic bearings in hard drives. Since it is a paramagnetic liquid, when exposed to a magnetic field it forms spikes! We designed the SPIKE to showcase this amazing property. Simply place the handheld magnet on the top to create giant spikes!”


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