Indian Gamers and Their Success in the World of eSports

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The gaming industry is rapidly growing all over the world and more and more new gamers are becoming involved in it on a daily basis. There are some countries, where the regulations on eSports are utterly strict and the gamers are not allowed to have access to them, however, in other countries, the whole industry is booming.

The latest event in the world of eSports shows that Indian gamers are advancing in the industry significantly, and if the national team would have great trouble beating the national team of Saudia Arabia, in virtual reality it has already happened.

In May, the Indian eTigers polished off an outstanding start in the FIFA e Nations Cup. they came in this place in the event, just missing out on a position in the final round which was reserved for the top two finalists. Along the way, the squad won an incredible match against a Saudi Arabian squad that included Musaed AI Dossary, a professional FIFA player.

FIFA, which is an international football regulatory body, launched the online gaming championship in 2019. Following India’s entry this year, national qualifications were held in March to find talented eSports gamers to represent the country. For many players, online gaming has been a natural extension of their outdoor football.

Chandrana, who is a 20 years old gamer, states in the comment, that there are days when he does not get enough sleep before the match because there are a lot of aspects to be taken into consideration, such as planning and strategy, while the excitement and pressure are added on them. When the games are over, they usually get together to watch the recorded game in order to better analyze the mistakes that were made during the gaming process.

As of 2021, the worldwide eSports industry is estimated to be worth $1,08 billion, according to the official data. India has made remarkable progress in recent years, despite being late to the party. Since April 2020, capital funds totaling $438 million have been invested in Indian gaming companies. This is quite a significant amount of money that can advance the industry if it is used wisely. As well as the involvement of the younger generation in the gaming industry is increasing, the betting on eSports FIFA games is increasing directly. Due to the fact that this might cause a lot of people to get into financial trouble, some countries were extremely strict while regulating the sports betting industry, however, in the case of India, the situation is not that restrictive.

While there have been many competitions to pick from throughout the world, home tournaments have also gained popularity on a large scale. The number of Indian viewers had doubled to 17 million by 2020, and the prize money has increased by 25-30%. The introduction of e-sports as a demonstration sport at the 2020 Asian Games was a portent of the new things to come.

FIFA, the game founded by Electronic Arts has a large fan following, other e-sports such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota, and PUBG have been more popular in the events. Only in the last several years has competitive FIFA gained traction in India. This is due to the fact that the game is console-based, making it unique to a select few as opposed to the other, which are often played on either mobile phones or computers. There are also some restrictions, which make it tough for the organizers of the event.

Unfortunately, due to the commercial agreement between EA and FIFA, many aspects are banned and it remains an outsider. For video games to become successful on the market, the partners, whether steamers, marketing people, or companies must have a lot of flexibility. FIFA and other video games have the potential to appeal to a younger audience. In comparison to first-person shooter games, the parents of the younger generation will accept and approve of these games more, than otherwise.

Several years ago, FIFA tournaments were held by local cybercafes without any financial rewards. As of today, professional gamers in Europe earn roughly 5000 Euros each month as part of their contract. Aside from that, they generate money via brand partnerships and streaming income. Also, a significant amount of money is up for grabs. In the realm of e-sports, not only professional players find profitable chances. Casters, who conduct a hybrid of commentator and anchor during the football game, also host live games. Chaturvedi, who comes from India, got his first job as a caster by coincidence several years ago and has since been a regular on the circuit.

Casual gamers were able to show off their abilities while still earning money. Beginners in the industry were making the playoffs by the third event. The event was also broadcasted thus they had a captive audience watching the boats. The accessibility of the game, when people are given the chance to just observe, increases the likelihood of them becoming involved in the game by themselves.

India’s recent achievements have helped to place the country on the map. However, for the games to become more popular, numerous players must perform at a higher level. Most people take the competitive playing road to a career in FIFA, but it is also true that if someone is a strong storyteller, he/she can become a great caster.

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