Indiegogo Game Lets You Explore the Titanic While It’s Sinking

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Titanic While It's Sinking

The sinking of the Titanic is a historical event that many are captivated by. There have been a variety of documentaries made about it, books written about it, and of course movies. If you want to explore the Titanic in your own good time, now you will get the chance thanks to a new game that is being made.

While this isn’t the first Titanic game, this may be one for those interested in the event. It looks like it has good graphics and the premise looks good. It is called Titanic: Honor and Glory. In this adventure game, players try to solve a murder-mystery in first person mode, while the ship is sinking.

It should make Titanic afficionados feel like they are actually on the ship. The game will also feature key characters from the ship at their respective locations, based on the memoirs that were published later. The game’s writer and producer Tom Lynskey says, “We are creating an experience that allows the player to feel what it is like to be on the Titanic, during the voyage and the sinking.”


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