INDOORLANDS A New Park Management Tycoon Release Date Revealed

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INDOORLANDS Park Management Tycoon

Pixelsplit Games has released 5 updates and followed their roadmap to release the completed version of Indoorlands! The result is a park management game in an indoor environment, that is multi-layered and comprehensive, with the aim of offering the player a good balance of relaxation and challenge.

To reach this point of release, they developed the game to not only include massive parks, extensive visual advancements, and roller coasters, but also sandbox mode, a lively steam workshop, and a ride editor, where you can construct your own thrill rides from scratch. The research system has been overhauled, and trends and contracts have been added. There are also new park settings and tons of new stores, restaurants, and entertainment halls. Note that the Sandbox mode offers the players the opportunity to make a huge, diverse, and customization amusement park, custom rides, and roller coasters.

Indoorlands will be released on October 14th for PC via Steam.

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