inFAMOUS: Second Son

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While the launch of a new console may always be home to many unknowns, there seems to be one certainty for the PlayStation 4: their most loyal fans have inFAMOUS: Second Son to look forward to. The latest creation from Sucker Punch takes the series in a new direction, with a new hero, on a new platform. A risky move, but it quickly became clear from the start that the developers weren’t afraid of change – especially where the series’ superpowers were concerned.

When Second Son was first revealed, it was impossible to notice new protagonist Delsin Rowe’s mastery of fire and smoke. As it turns out, players will be experimenting with far more powers throughout the game; but once you see the damage that smoke and fire can inflict in the latest developer diary, we doubt players will be in a hurry to try something new.

Now, some might say that having a superpower that steals all other superpowers is cheating, but the developers don’t seem to care. As yet another of the inFAMOUS series’ ‘Conduits,’ Delsin Rowe is granted the ability to adopt the powers of any other Conduit he encounters. The ability to use fire and smoke in combat, traversal and evasion is the first granted to the hero, but it certainly won’t be the last.

If the team plans on putting as much attention to detail as the video shows into every other power, it’s no surprise Sony is positioning Second Son as one of its showcase titles – as much as a trusted franchise fans can get excited about as its ability to harness the PS4′s potential from a technical standpoint. The video briefly mentioned the improved physics and lighting of particle-based elements like the smoke and ash of Delsin’s attacks, and after seeing Second Son in action at E3 2013, there’s no doubt it will impress fans with its visuals.

What are you most looking forward to with Second Son? Getting to try the new powers in yet another sprawling open world, or the chance to see how the PS4′s visuals have changed the inFAMOUS series for the better?


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