Informative Infographic About The Need For Speed Franchise

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 Need For Speed

Need for Speed is the most successful racing game in the World has sold over 150 million copies since it was first launched in 1994. Over the past 22 years, the game has adapted and offered different ways a player can drive, where they can drive and what they can drive.

Players have been able to drive on race tracks, on the streets of cities during night and day, country roads, mountain roads, desert roads, and rally tracks. It is a game where players can dream of driving their favorite cars. They can customize their cars in any colors they wanted, any vinyl they fancied, and anybody kits they thought looks cool.

They can race on track circuits for legal racing, but they can also take to the streets for a little bit of illegal street racing and car chases. In some games, they have included different plot lines, including street racers looking for revenge, racers escaping the mafia to win millions, undercover police offer infiltrating underground racing groups, and a group of racers trying to get their idol’s attention.

Whilst also being one of the largest video game franchises and the most successful racing game in the World, Need for Speed offers many different ways for people to enjoy driving their dream cars.

Need For Speed

Infographic designed by Hippoleasing.



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