Injustice 2 Character Customisation Explained

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Injustice 2

At the Game Developers Conference 2017 in San Francisco, details were surfaced about the upcoming new Injustice 2. Shattered Alliances Injustice 2 trailer will tell loads about what you can expect from the storyline.

Sid Shuman from SIEA has taken to the official PlayStation blog to reveal more about character customization and the “robust RPG-style gear system” which has been integrated into the game.

There are two main ways to earn gear: conquering opponents in online and offline modes, or by purchasing Mother Boxes using gold earned from matches. Gear revolves around four main body parts — head, chest, arms, and legs — plus an “accessory” (think Harley Quinn’s pistols). Most gear you collect will buff at least one of your four base stats: Strength and Ability determine the offensive power of basic attacks and special moves, while Defense and Health dictate how much damage your superhero can absorb.

More exotic effects — resistance to environmental damage, earning XP more quickly — come via “augmentations” found on some higher-tier items. Full gear sets, such as Batman’s kryptonite-infused outfit, are likely to be especially prized because they can grant dramatic bonuses when fully assembled. After playing dress-up, you can apply shaders to alter your hero’s color schemes in some striking ways. A purple-clad Superman? Why not! I’m expecting to see some seriously creative designs here come May.

Source: PS Blog


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