Injustice: Gods Among Us Reveals Magical Zatanna

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‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Reveals Magical Zatanna DLC & Gameplay Trailer

The Injustice: Gods Among Us reveals just keep coming – as NetherRealm Studios does not appear ready to slow down on adding characters to the roster of DC Comics heroes and rogues. Even before the conclusion of the developer’s season pass offerings – Lobo, Batgirl, Scorpion, and General Zod – the team had already teased Martian Manhunter as a possible (and standalone) DLC add-on. Weeks later, gamers got their first look at the beloved Justice League member in a new gameplay trailer.

Now, NetherRealm is confirming that the sixth post-release DLC offering is none other than magical do-gooder Zatanna Zatara. Welcoming Zatanna into the Injustice ring, the studio has (once again) provided a handy gameplay trailer (see above) – showing off the character’s magical special abilities and super move.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Anyone that has been following Injustice: Gods Among Us post-launch news isn’t likely to be surprised by the latest reveal. Previously, game director Ed Boon promised a fan-favorite character would take the sixth DLC spot – only to then retweet a number of twitter followers calling for Zatanna. Some fans will likely have been holding out hope for Batman villain Red Hood (anything is still possible) along with a host of other characters that have not made the Injustice cut (yet).

That said, while Zatanna might not be as well-known as some of the heroes and villains still on the collective fan wish list, her gameplay trailer is easily one of the most interesting out of the announced characters – several of which have been relatively similar in play style to existing fighters (even though they each have their own special moves).

As a result, Zatanna could be a welcome change of pace for gamers who are still keeping busy with Injustice: Gods Among Us but craving a major change of pace. Zatanna’s magical skills and, subsequent tool set, allows for some very interesting (and outright entertaining) combat options – especially her ability to teleport an opponent (or herself) and setup devastating combos with slow moving projectiles and wand strikes. Unfortunately, with a diverse range of magical possibilities available, the character’s super move is surprisingly generic – which is somewhat of a letdown for an otherwise promising piece of DLC.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Anyone interested in adding Zatanna to their roster will find her available on August 13th at the cost of 400 MS Microsoft Points or $4.99 on the PlayStation Network. It’s unfortunate that Zatanna (along with Martian Manhunter and any future DLC announcements) couldn’t have been bundled together by way of a second season pass – since it’s beginning to feel as though NetherRealm saved some of their best add-ons for last.

While we expect a few more reveals in the coming months, NetherRealm will draw a line at some point – if for no other reason than to hold-back a few high profile characters for an Injustice: Gods Among Us sequel.

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