So what made Epson design this variant of the printer? Over the course of years, people tend to share pictures online instead of printing them, so the firms are not making as much profit as they used to since a very little number of cartridges is being bought. Epson says that the EcoTank printer will require a refill every two years if printing is limited to 200 pages per month and its cost of refill will be £32. The tank increases the printer’s size and makes it more expensive.

The EcoTank L355 will cost you £249 and the advanced version L555 shall cost you £329. Mark Reynolds from Epson has, however, claimed that this product will ultimately help the users save a lot more. He said, “We estimate up to 65 per cent savings versus the average across the top ten printers in Western Europe.” The printers shall come equipped with a Wi-Fi connection, scanner and copier.