Innovative Gadgets of the Week #1

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Today we have some coolest new gadgets from the latest gadget trends of the web.

These Salami Notes from DOIY Design are made for those who want to make their desktop more delicious and palatable with salami shaped notes.

Grainworks Wood Art is a rather exclusive woodworking and carpentry firm run by Camarillo, CA-based artist Mike Pecsok.

The MiP is the world’s first balancing robot you could control with simple hand gestures. Balancing itself on a pair of bidirectional wheels, MiP can easily respond to your gestures with appropriate movements.

The Get Sh*t Done Water Bottle from Startup Vitamins is a stunning stainless steel bottle with a black matte finish. Motivational isn’t it ?

Amazon Dash is your own personal shopping assistant who takes notes and never forgets anything. You just pick up the dash like a microphone and speak into it, or scan the item you want to buy. Dash can recognize any one of the millions of items available on Amazon. Whether spoken or scanned, Dash picks it up and saves it into your AmazonFresh account. You can see all the items on your list when you use your desktop, laptop, or mobile device afterward for completing the purchase and scheduling delivery. Easy isn’t it?

Halfbike is a new kind of personal vehicle that brings joy back to urban mobility. Its combination of cycling and smooth assisted running provides a remarkably quick and fun way to move around the city. Halfbike is best to travel short distances in half of time. Won’t replace bus for you!

The Samurai Umbrella with a sword-like handle and shoulder-mounted scabbard will make you feel well equipped against rain when you are outdoors. The water-resistant nylon and the push-button mechanism that deftly opens up the umbrella is pretty neat. If you get in trouble with the law that’s on you!


Bottle Key in antique brass from MAKR is a bottle opener masquerading as a key. It’s always a pain to find an opener when your mates around, But not anymore now you will have your opener anywhere you go. Happy Drinking!

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