Innovative Products Which You Do Not Know Exist

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In recent times we have come across some really innovative and cool products. These gadgets are a perfect novelty to own and sometimes needed to solve a dire problem. These can also be a good gift and will speak of your love for innovation and creativity when the lucky receiver of the gift sees them.


Balcony Bridge Planters


Balcony Planters

In modern-day living, space is an important asset. While we love to have greenery and floral beauty, its not always possible to find a space for pots. These redesigned planters are a perfect solution for your apartment. Get yours here.


3. The Biolite Camping Stove

Biolite Camping Stove

Never run out of battery on your next camping trip. With the Biolite camping stove, you can charge your mobile device by simply burning wood in the stove. Here is a video of the Biolite camping stove in action.

Buy your Biolite Camping stove here.

4. Laser Keyboard

Innovative Products Which You Do Not Know Exist



















Laser keyboard is an innovative product that lets you convert any surface into a keyboard. The keyboard connects to any device with Bluetooth such as your iPad or cellphone. You can buy a laser keyboard here.

5. Blinkers for Your Bicycle

Improve your visibility and safety while riding your bicycle using blinkers which can be used as turning indicators and side markers!. Buy Blinker Grip Here


6. Fingerprint Gun Safe

fingerprint safe

Do not risk your important belongings and save them from theft. Buy the biometric safe. Available here for purchase.

7. Deglon Stainless Steel Nesting Knives

Deglon Stainless Steel Nesting Knives


If you are feeling rich, you can own one of these beauties for the kitchen. Its also a very good wedding gift. Get you here.

8. Flatulence-Filtering Underwear

Flatulence-Filtering Underwear

Using the latest Carbon filter technology, Shreddies ensure that no odor escapes the body.

9. Raptor Hoodie

raptor hoodie


Just a clever way of printing but it just looks awesome. Available for purchase here.

10. Heated Butter Knife

When you are in a hurry, a nicely buttered toast is something you miss as the butter is too hard out of the fridge. Well, with Warburton’s Toastie Knife, this problem is solved. Alternatively, you can buy a similar (but not as sleek) knife here.

11. Personal The Home Lift System

Home Lift System

Developed by Stiltz, this barebone elevator can fit into any house. For more information, refer to their website.

12. An Electro-Adhesive Bulletin Board


We all love bulletin boards. Unlike conventional boards, this new innovative board does not need any pins or tape. This board called the Justick is available in various sizes and can be purchased here.

13. The Kitchen Safe

Kitchen Safe

These jars will open only at pre-set times. Perfect for controlling your food cravings. Get yours here.

14. Remote Entryway Lock System


Forget keys – Lock and unlock your doors from your smartphone. Available for purchase here.

15. A Lucid Dreaming Sleeping Mask

Lucid Dreaming Sleeping Mask

Control your dreams and induce yourself into lucid dreaming. Buy here.

 16. Fabric Printer Kit

Lumi Kit

Take pictures using your smartphone or download it from the internet. Then you can print the image on any fabric using just sunlight & Lumi Kit. Available here for purchase.

17. Magnetic Light Switch Cover


Magnetically hang anything without nails or hooks using Neo-Cover. Available here. As a cheaper alternative, check out this.

18. Blind-Spot Free Rearview Mirror

No-Blind-Spot Rearview Mirror

This amazing blind spot free rearview mirror gives a full 180-degree view. This helps ensure safe and accurate lane changes without guesswork. An essential upgrade for your car. Get yours today. Available here.

19. Camera Lens Mug

camera lens mug


Drink through what you love – get your camera lens mug here.


20. Door That Converts Into Table-Tennis

Ping-Pong Door



21. Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen

Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen


Livescribe stores everything you write with the pen electronically. It is an innovative product useful for both students and professionals for taking notes and team collaboration. Get yours here.

22. Slamdoor


Slamdoor offers a door for every member of the house. More information here.

23. Solar-Powered Camping Tent

Solar-Powered Camping Tent

The solar-powered camping tent developed by Eddie Bauer Katatatic is another innovative product that helps you camp with zero carbon footprint. It generates enough electricity to power small electronic devices. More information is available on the manufacturers’ website.

24. 3 in 1 Breakfast Maker



Kick start your day with the revolutionary 3-in-1 breakfast maker. Enjoy coffee, bread, and eggs – all made in one small machine. Get yours for as low as $38 here.

25. Tile: Never Loose What is Important

Tagging App

Tile keeps a track of your important belongings. This means you will not lose your cellphone again. You can buy tile here or similar alternatives can be bought here.



26. Circuit Board Necktie

circuit board necktie

Perfect for engineers. Get your circuit board necktie here.



27. 3Doodler: The 3D Printing Pen



3Doodler is an innovative product that lets you 3D print objects by hand. This means that creativity lies directly in your hand. Available for purchase here.

28. The Stormproof Umbrella

The Stormproof Umbrella

Umbrella’s has been around for a very long time, however, they have one major problem – they cannot withstand a windy day. The problem has finally been solved with a new innovative design offered by Senz. Available for purchase here.

29. Pocket-Sized Washing Machine


Pocket-Sized Washing Machine


With Scrubba pocket-sized washing machine, you can wash your clothes anywhere, any time in 30 seconds for free. Perfect for camping and travel trips. More information here.

30. Ultra-Ever Dry Waterproof Coating

Ultra-Ever Dry Waterproof Coating


Ultra-Ever Dry is an amazing product that does not let anything stick to the surface you apply it on. Here is the video of the product in action.


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