Insane Fancy Power Grid by Tego

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Fancy Power Grid by Tego

FANCY and Tego Power have teamed up to create the Power Grid.

With endurance and durability in mind, the Power Grid is a device that stores battery power, making it a travel essential.

Comes with an 80% charge right out of the box. Automatically detects a device and begins charging.

Gives you the option to charge 1 iPhone twice to full or 2 iPhones simultaneously to their full charge.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and so much more.

Comes equipped with micro USB cable to charge the Power Grid. Same cable can be used to then charge a micro USB device.

4,200 mAh dual output power bank.

Highest quality Grade A Lithium Polymer batteries.

5 LED indicator lights that glow, letting you know the charge level.


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