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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone season two is coming out Thursday (February 25th), and it really looks great. Warzone is getting to its first anniversary and Black Ops seems to be trying to add more gameplay elements and new things into the game. Of course, you have all of the unlockable items within the Battle Pass, but it’s the story and some gameplay additions which look more exciting. The first season since Black Ops’ release directed at bringing the BOCW characters into the map in Verdansk.

There are some obvious additions for Black Ops like the new larger-scale zombie mode, Outbreak, which really looks great. This new large arena to destroy zombies in really makes me feel like it’s time to double-tap some undead. Treyarch is really working hard on reinventing the zombies game mode and they’ve done more than I’d ever anticipated them to do in just a single game.

Warzone is just awesome to play with friends. We know that there are going to be new game modes as well as the Zombies Outbreak event which will add zombies to Verdansk. Right now we don’t really know is what that storm means and what the ship is taking to the iconic Warzone map.

The map hasn’t changed that much in the past year does mean that something cool is coming our way. Season 2 looks great and I’m sure it will be fun to play with new game mechanics and new characters.


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