Inside a Bitcoin Mine in Rural China

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Inside a Bitcoin Mine in Rural China

These recent photos of a Bitcoin mine in northeast China are awesome.

Website The Coinsman recently published photos of a Bitcoin operation that’s located in the Chinese countryside.

Fans that keep the whole operation cool and breezy.

Despite the massive and powerful air current created by these massive industrial fans, the inside of the mining farm still manages to hold steady at 40° Celsius (105° f) the entire time.


As old hardware becomes dated and unprofitable to run, it really piles up. There are retired old Avalon machines all over the place.

This is where Avalon machines go to die, apparently.

The chips are no longer cost-effective to mine for bitcoins with, but the power supply units inside can be stripped out and reused.

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The mining operation resides on an old, repurposed factory floor, and contains 2500 machines hashing away at 230 Gh/s, each. (That’s 230 billion calculations per second, per unit).

The place consumes a massive amount of electricity. The operators told me that the power bill of this specific operation is in excess of ¥400,000 per month (that’s about $60,000 USD).

The farm employs three people whose job it is to monitor the machinery and make sure that all the machines are working properly. They work around the clock, in three shifts, and do a walkabout of the floor once per hour to check everything. The picture below is of their office. The curtain was blowing madly the whole time due to the massive airflows through the warehouse.

When they are not busy checking machines, rearranging wires, installing new hardware or dealing with retired hardware, that they watch movies and play video games. One of the guys says he’s been enjoying a Korean game called TERA recently.

The guys live here mostly full time, going home for 4 or 5 days once a month. They sleep on the premises.

All three of the guys that work there are coinsmen themselves, although none of them said they had more than just a couple of bitcoins. One of the guys said that he even has a couple of smaller mining rigs hashing away for himself back home.

There’s so many old machines lying about that they even use them as doorstops.

There’s also lots and lots of cables.

Heroes that keep precious bitcoin network safe.

THIS is what keeps bitcoin alive. That even if someone wanted to bring down bitcoin, they’d have to outdo these guys and the dozens of other operations like this around the world. The decentralized nature of it all… that this is just one operation among many, run by different operators in different countries around the world. This really drove home that bitcoin can’t be killed by decree. Make it illegal in one country and people like this will keep hashing away in others.

This is a far cry from the small-time home miners of the not-too-distant past. Not even two years ago I knew a guy mining tons of coins per day with just a couple dozen GPU units in his bedroom.

For those who don’t know what Bitcoin Mining is, I included a video.


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