Integration of Fashion Brands in Esports

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Owners of fashion brands always track new platforms and trends to promote their products. The actively growing esports industry with millions of fans could not stand by. Now you can see more and more integrations of clothes, beauty, and car brands. What is esports getting from it and how can major companies profit from this collaboration?


Integration of the car industry

One of the first companies to enter esports was Mercedes. They collaborated with the tournament operator ESL and used their cars as prizes at Dota 2 majors. Over a few years three Mercedes cars  were given to the players of Virtus.Pro. Cars of other companies were also competed for in different disciplines. Players won Ferraris, Hyundais and Fords. You can learn about prizes and details of tournaments in the CSGO events section where we publish information about ongoing competitions. There we gather key information about CS:GO events.

In 2019, the Japanese company Nissan started collaborating with two teams at the same time – OpTic and FaZe. Car group companies started joining the esports market a year later. A warm welcome was given to Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, and Haval. The latter is known for its collaboration with VP. In 2020, Kia Motors became a partner of the team Rogue по League of Legends. Two years later they began sponsoring the European League. 


Beauty integration

Cosmetics brands also pay attention to games and competitions. Here we should focus on MAC. In 2019, the company released eyeshadows and lipstick based on a popular Chinese mobile MOBA game – Honor of Kings. In addition, the company sponsors esports tournaments together with such beauty brands as Sephora and L’Occitane. We also can highlight benefits. This brand started collaborating with Gen.G. Leading gamers of this esports organization wear this brand while streaming. 


Clothes integration

Clothing brands are very common in esports. It’s not surprising as the audience is predominantly young. The following companies are active in esports:

  • Nike;
  • Puma;
  • Adidas;
  • Champion;
  • Louis Vuitton;
  • K-Swiss;
  • Moschino;

This is not the full list of all brands related to the industry. Integration is not limited to collaboration and support. They often release common production including not only clothes but accessories too. Lots of them could be seen at the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 16 in August. 



Esports opens a new horizon for major brands in the gaming community. Now it is interesting for companies of any category due to their media outreach. It is actively expanding in the whole world so it means that fashion brands will be able to increase their profit.

Now stereotypes about computer games and people who spend time with them are breaking down. Video games have become one of the many kinds of entertainment. Esports leads the trend in getting cash infusion in its development.

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