Intellivision Releases Amico Teaser for Gamescom

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Intellivision’s Tommy Tallarico teased his vision for the upcoming Amico in a new video just released to the public. The video alternates between Tallarico speaking and clips of the new gaming console that will hit the market on October 10, 2019.

Intellivision is branding this new console as a return to simplicity, for family, and casual gaming.

The video also shows 17 exclusive Amico games of which some seem to be remade or remasters of some timeless games such as missile command. Each game that will be released is exclusive to the Amico.

The console may support two players and is slightly suggestive of a land-line phone-base with two ports acting as charging stations. The controls each feature one multi-function button and a touch screen.

The Amico also has RFID capabilities meaning that a friend can bring a controller to another’s console and with a simple sync-up begin playing games connected with any of the given controllers in question.

The video makes a case of the fact that there are around 3 billion games worldwide and the Amico is equipped to these people. Tallarico wants to get family members and friends in one room playing games and having fun.


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