Interesting Casino Superstitions Around the World

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You’ve probably heard many gambling superstitions and mystical beliefs over the years. Although many gamblers don’t believe these superstitions are real, they still follow them religiously. Following these rituals might not help players win bets, but they give out a sense of security. Whether there’s truth in them or not, let’s dig deeper into fascinating gambling superstitions worldwide.


Crossing Your Legs

Even though this superstition originated in land-based casinos, you can also apply it to online casinos. Regular casino goers rely on this belief, so they avoid crossing their legs while playing. This is believed to be bad luck, but the reasons behind this superstition are not known. That said, many experienced players thought that uncrossed legs leave the player more focused and alert.


Lucky Red

The Chinese believe red to be the color of prosperity and good fortune, so it is perceived as lucky for gamblers. More specifically, a gambler who wears or carries anything red will probably have good luck while playing. This can be anything, from a piece of jewelry to socks.

That’s why you might see a lot of gamblers wearing red in a brick-and-mortar casino. If you haven’t tried this earlier, you might want to start wearing something red while playing at home.


Itchy Palms

Some Eastern European countries have centuries-old beliefs about itchy palms and how they can bring good or bad fortune. Over the years, gamblers have adopted this superstition. That’s why many of them hope that their left palm won’t be itchy during a game. That means they’re likely to lose money while playing, while an itchy right palm means they might win money.


Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

Interestingly, many players avoid certain bonuses and promotions due to their superstitions. Some numbers are considered lucky, while others are quite unlucky. For example, four and 13 are regarded as bad omens for players, so they might avoid bonuses and promotions in online casinos that contain those numbers.

On the other hand, some of the most popular welcome packages and regular promotional offers are those with the two possibly luckiest numbers out there — seven and eight. So, if you come across STS promotions with a deposit match bonus of up to £700 and 80 free spins, you might hurry and grab it.


Tiny Roulette Superstitions

Roulette might be one of the games with the most superstitions tied to it. Although many players develop their own rituals while playing the game, there are some international beliefs that players abide by.

For example, closing your eyes before the roulette wheel stops might bring good luck. Similarly, crossing your fingers or tapping is considered to be fortunate for players. These tiny beliefs might also apply to online slots and jackpots.


Bird Droppings

Lastly, one of the funniest gambling beliefs has something to do with bird droppings. Namely, if you’re outdoors and a bird dropping ends up on your head or shoulders, good things are coming your way. If that happens to you, you might want to hurry and seize some betting promotions online. Turn a bad experience into a positive one and hope for the best.

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