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The internet is in a constant state of growth. As every second passes by it continues to grow in every way imaginable. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to imagine this growth on our own, which is where the internet in real time comes into play.

The internet in real time is a tool that calculates the various statistics of the internet as they happen, and the results are quite amazing.

Social Media


Facebook remains the most used social media site in the world with a staggering 2 billion monthly active users and growing, with over 12,000 profiles added each hour. Roughly 6 million likes are made every day on Facebook while over 240 billion videos and 90 million photographs are uploaded every month.


Instagram is one of the internet’s most popular image hosting sites, with an incredible 3 billion photographs added each month. This works out at over 95 million photos every day and almost 4 million photos every hour. This means a lot of ad revenue too, with over 500 million in ad revenue each month!


With over 324 million monthly active users creating 15 billion Tweets each month, it’s safe to say that Twitter remains one of the most popular social media sites on the internet. Twitter is clearly a distraction from work too – there are 450,000 active users every hour.


Snapchat has 186,969,000 people using their service every day sharing 2 billion photographs. Almost half a billion videos are watched on the app every hour, adding up to 300 billion videos watched every month.


Microblogging site Tumblr remains as popular as ever, adding more than 10 million new users each month. Almost 20 million users visit the website daily, creating 36,115,200 posts across236,563,200blogs.




Amazon remains the king of online shopping with $15 billion in monthly revenue. As research from clip on veneers shows, mobile shopping has increased significantly on Amazon, with 28,512,000 monthly visitors on the mobile app contributing towards 409,536,000 in monthly purchases. That breaks down to around half a million purchases every hour!


Over $10 million sales of goods are made every hour on eBay while there are close to 20,000 packages in shipping every day. This makes sense considering there are an eye-watering 8 billion searches on eBay every month -people may be looking to take advantage of the 500,000+ promotions available in that same time.


PayPal has certainly made online shopping easier for internet users – there are $37 billion in total monthly payments for the 624,672,000 transactions occurring each month. Around a quarter of these payments take place on the mobile application, with 158,400 mobile transactions every hour.

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Live streaming on Twitch has never been more popular, with almost 15 million unique visitors every day tuning in to watch any one of the 65,664 daily broadcasts.

This works out to close to 2 million broadcasts each month and $353,185,920 of income generated – much of which comes from user donations!


Steam revolutionised digital gaming and shows no signs of slowing down with over 40,000 purchases made every hour. 10,000 new users make accounts each day contributing towards over 30 million monthly sales and $353,185,920 of revenue. With countless games and amazing deals and sales available each day, it is little surprise that gamers continue to use Steam.


Games consoles are sold at a ridiculous rate on the internet, with over 6 million PS and almost 3 million Xbox consoles sold every month. This generates over $10 million in monthly revenue alone – that’s just the sales online too!

Video Streaming



Over 200 million videos are viewed on YouTube every hour! This works out to more than 5 billion views per day and staggering150 billion views each month. Daily mobile views account for almost 1 billion of these while monthly mobile views reach around 30 billion.

18,000 hours of video are uploaded each hour – that’s almost 13 billion hours each month!


5.8 million of videos are watched every hour on Netflix while the popular video streaming site adds 65,000 plus users each day. This equates to $4 billion in monthly revenue that goes towards making all your favourite shows.


Despite being only available in the USA and Japan, Hulu adds an impressive 1,373,760 users each month, resulting in $82 million in revenue.


The internet revolutionised the music industry through streaming and the service continues to grow before our eyes. 37,000 new users sign up for Spotify each day, while Apple Music adds over 22,000 daily users.

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Search Engines

Search engines help navigate the internet so it’s little surprise they see massive daily users. Google remains unrivaled with an incredible 2 billion searches every day – that works out at over 65 million searches per hour and a whopping 47 billion monthly searches.

Bing struggles to maintain such high numbers but does enjoy an impressive 26 billion monthly searches, which is around 8.7 million daily searches and 36 million searches every hour

Yahoo falls further behind these two with 5 billion monthly searches – around 6.8 million searches each hour.

More surprisingly is Baidu, the Chinese internet company that receives over 24 million searches every hour, adding up to more than 18 billion monthly views.




Letting users send and receive text messages, calls, video calls, and other media has made WhatsApp one of the most used messaging platforms on the internet.

Every hour there are 2 billion messages sent using WhatsApp, including 187,498,800photos, 162,500,400voice messages, and 41,666,400video messages. Each day there are more than 60 billion messages exchanged and an eye-watering 1,800 billion (you read that correctly) every month.


Skype popularised making video calls over the internet and the service is as popular as ever. 9.8 million daily active users spend 3 billion minutes in Skype, with 90 billion calls made every single month.



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