iOS 17 Beta 6 Comes With Two Important Changes

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iOS 17 Beta 6

Apple introduced the sixth beta of iOS 17 to both developers and public beta testers on a recent Thursday, and as anticipated, this update doesn’t bring significant new features or changes. Given that the official release of iOS 17 is merely a month away, it’s plausible that Apple’s engineering team is concentrating on resolving major bugs and issues before the grand launch. Despite the relatively subdued nature of this beta, there are two notable alterations that could impact a substantial number of users.

The prolonged saga of the “End Call” button might have finally found its resolution. Cast your mind back to the first iOS 17 beta when Apple made several adjustments to the Phone app. Among the alterations encompassing features like NameDrop and Contact Poster, the layout of the interface displayed during a phone call underwent a modest redesign. However, this redesign stirred quite a bit of controversy due to a single button.

To be more precise, Apple repositioned the “End Call” button, causing an unintentional disruption in the muscle memory of countless users. As reported by my colleague Chance Miller, the button that once occupied the central position at the base of the screen was relocated to the lower right corner of the interface. Consequently, individuals found themselves inadvertently tapping the Keypad button or even initiating FaceTime calls when attempting to conclude ongoing conversations. Fortunately, Apple seems to have heeded the negative feedback, as the latest iOS 17 beta, namely version 6, witnesses the repositioning of the End Call button back to the screen’s center. This alteration should ideally prevent users from mistakenly tapping the incorrect button once again.

Switching gears to another noteworthy modification, the Messages app has undergone a pivotal change in the iOS 17 landscape. This iteration of the app introduces an array of fresh features including Live Stickers, audio message transcriptions, and Swipe to Reply functionality. Additionally, Apple has overhauled the method by which users interact with iMessage apps.

The iMessage app directory is now concealed beneath a “+” button, which reveals itself upon being tapped. However, this evolution has introduced an inconvenience: the Camera and Photos buttons are also concealed under this expanded menu, complicating the once straightforward process of accessing these functions that once possessed dedicated shortcuts. Consequently, sending a photo through iMessage requires a few supplementary taps.

Despite the unchanged façade of the interface in the current beta, Apple has incorporated a discreet yet invaluable shortcut. Holding down the “+” button will trigger the automatic display of the Photo Picker in iMessage. While this solution might not replicate the earlier convenience, it certainly offers a step-up from the previous configuration.

Apple’s plan is to make all these fresh software offerings available to the public in the upcoming fall season. Rumors are circling, hinting at an Apple event scheduled for the third week of September, during which the company is likely to confirm the precise availability of iOS 17 for the broader user base. In the interim, it’s advisable to keep an eye on our coverage for the latest updates and insights on this impending iOS release.

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