iOS 9.3 New Feature Will Make Reading At Night Easier

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iOS 9.3

New iOS 9.3 update will include a new feature called “Night Shift” that will change the colors of the light emitted by your iPhone or iPad’s display, based on the time of day. This will be very helpful for the people who loves to read at night in bed. Now you can change the light and read in peace without straining your eyes.

The feature uses your current location and the clock on your iPhone or iPad to figure out what time the sun sets, and will automatically “shift the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum,” according to Apple.

The idea is very similar to f.lux, a popular Mac and Windows app that changes your display’s lighting based on the time of day. When it starts to get dark outside, the app gradually makes the colors warmer to reduce eye strain. 

Despite its popularity, Apple hasn’t been able to release an official iOS app because Apple doesn’t allow developers to access those features on the iPhone. The company did briefly find a way around this restriction last year, when it released a version that users of non-jailbroken iPhone could download outside of the App Store.

Soon after it was released, Apple removed the download, saying it violated its Developer Program Agreement.



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