IOTransfer – Easy iPhone/iPad Transfer and Management

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IOTransfer is an iPad/iPhone manager that is designed for manage and transfer of contents between iPhone, iPad, and iPod and also back up to PC. The iOS transfer software is created with certain features that are very useful to you, your iOS devices as well as your PC.

IOTransfer is designed as a free ios transfer and iOS file management tool. Enjoy speedy and easy transfer of photos, videos, podcasts, and memos with your sleek iOS devices and PC.

The key features of ionTransfer include;

  • File management – This is a function of the IOTransfer that enables you to import, export and delete photos, videos, music, books, podcasts and voice memos on your iOS devices and PC. With just a click, you can transfer those beautiful photos, memories and moments from your iOS device to the PC.
  • Two – way photo transfer – This is just as simple as it is. The iPhone transfer and iPad transfer software offer two-way transfer and management. This feature not only enables you to share photos from your iPhone and iPad with friends and family just by directly being sync with the multiple ios devices at once, but it also allows you to import photos downloaded on your PC and iPad to an iPhone anytime and everywhere.
  • Bulk deletes iPhone and iPad content – This is another fantastic feature of the incredible software. The bulk deletes feature makes it easy for you to delete photos in bulk on iPhone/iPad from PC, as well as to bulk delete music and videos. The feature is just a click away on your iOS device. With the capability to delete files in bulk, deleting is made faster instead of going through the strain of clicking and deleting one after another. This feature also helps to solve memory problem and brings us to another exciting feature of the IOTransfer.
  • Efficient data backup – As a management and transfer tool, the IOTransfer allows for the transfer of photos, music, videos, voice memos, and podcasts, therefore, makes data backup possible. This important feature helps to solve the problem of memory for many owners and users of the ios devices. Like these photos, videos, app, podcasts, are backed up and deleted; it creates space for newer photos, hence new memories. The software functions effectively in backing up contacts and messages speedily and conveniently.
  • Direct access and intuitive view – This is a simple and direct way to allow your PC access to your iOS device and IOTransfer offers just that. It displays all your camera as well as icloud photos based on their different albums as it is exactly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It offers you the opportunity to choose your viewing size whether large, medium or small icons alongside date and size details.
  • Related programs – certain programs that also offer similar function include iPad/iPhone transfer and iFree

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