iPhone 6 Leaked Photos

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iPhone 6 Leaked Photos 

After the mixed reaction to the release of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, everyone is looking forward to the unveiling of the iPhone 6. Yesterday we have seen some photos which are claimed to be the ones from the iPhone 6, So we shared with you guys to have a look at it and draw your conclusions on potential iPhone 6.

As per the previous rumors, the design features an edgeless display that looks stunning! The display will be Retina 2 so we can expect some high performance overall in the display department. To protect this vivid edgeless display, the phone will use graphene sheet rather than Gorilla glass. Graphene sheet is much stronger and durable than Gorilla glass, hence you can expect your phone to be safe in case of mild drops.

The phone will sport a carbon fiber shell to make it more lighter and sturdy in construction. The phone will be powered by a Quad Core  2.8 Ghz A7 Processor with 4GB of Ram. This will ensure that the phone is fast and can handle the tests of time ( At-least for the next 2-3 years). Do write your views on the iPhone 6 in the comment section below.



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