iPhone 6 Mounts & Stands Collection

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Display and charge your devices like never before – Spool Dock by Quell & Co $65. Crafted in the USA from sustainable North American white oak, merino wool felt, and a weighty metal base, Spool Dock is a sophisticated, contemporary charging dock for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5s, 5c, as well as the iPad mini and 5th generation iPod touch.

Stop Limiting Yourself and Start Using Your SmartPhone Device Wherever You Go! The sleek, convenient, and ultra-powerful Envi Car phone holder is exactly what you need! Are you tired of constantly looking down to search for directions, GPS your next location, or listen to music while driving? How would you like to use your smartphone 24/7 without ever taking your eyes off the road or facing any distractions?

It doesn’t include any electric parts but the Ovo Speaker by Monitillo Marmi is a piece of beauty that works on mechanic sound diffusion. The speaker is made of marble and has a separate slot to host your device which could be either iPhone 5S or even iPhone 6. This is ideally a speaker that can empower your iPhone with the better sound quality for those impromptu parties and outdoor musical bonfires.

Your work desk or bedside table can now hold your iPhone or tablet in a smarter way by using the eleMount Adjustable iPhone Desktop/Counter Stand. It’s a sleek form factor that has been CNC machined from the finest solid aluminum. The major attraction is the elePad which can attach to a wide variety of mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, and Android.


With its excellent acoustic properties and its striking design, the CONCERT dock is perfect for the music lover. It fits the iPhone 6 and is backward compatible with the iPhone 5. So even if you don’t have an iPhone 6 (yet), you can use this dock for your iPhone 5 as well. You can use it with or without the original Apple USB to Lightning cable installed.

Make your iPhone 6 look even more royal by docking it on this outstanding Chisel iPhone 6 Dock. You can call it more of a house for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus rather than a simple docking station. The dock has been carved out of wood in a beautiful way and can fit on any standard desk, shelf or nightstand depending on your preference.

Just Mobile AluBolt is an upright lightning dock for the iPhone and iPad mini. The sprung lightning connector and the curved backrest are designed to securely hold the docked device vertical and at an inclination that’s just right for you. It can hold the iPhone with or without a case. Note that you will need an open-bottom case.

Take your phone photography up a notch with the GripTight Micro Stand from JOBY, the most portable tripod that supports almost any smartphone, with or without a protective case. Designed with a durable steel inner frame and zinc alloy legs, the stand is sleek and durable enough to keep in your pocket or on your key chain—so it’s always at hand.


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