iPhone 8 Will Be Packing Wireless Charging

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iPhone 8

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will be launching this year and there are a lot of rumors going around. I hope they fix the iPhone 6 battery issues before they launch another new set and new iOS.

iPhone 8 will be coming in 4.7 inch and two 5.5 inch iPhone Plus handsets, one of these will come with an OLED display.

There are also rumors about iPhone 8 will come with a glass back and a stainless steel chassis, the handsets will get a complete redesign over the current models.

Now new report suggest that the new iPhones will also come with wireless charging. This is all rumors until now but each has a solid reason behind it.

Taiwan-based Lite-On Semiconductor, a maker of discrete and analog IC components, has entered the supply chain for the next-generation iPhone 8 by providing GPP bridge rectifiers for the support of fast wireless charging, according to a recent Chinese-language Commercial Times report.

Lite-On Semi has reportedly obtained half of the orders for GPP bridge rectifiers that will be used in the wireless charger for the upcoming iPhones, the report cited industry sources as saying.

iPhone 8 will be released in September of 2017.


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